PathMe Viewer.

A plugin for PathMe that allows to explore pathway knowledge.


  1. pathme_viewer can be installed with the following commands:

$ python3 -m pip install git+
  1. or in editable mode with:

$ git clone
$ cd PathMe-Viewer
$ python3 -m pip install -e .


The web application requires to load the pathways from the databases in the BEL. Thus, it is required to the following command to load the database (note that the first time it runs might take a couple of hours).

python3 -m pathme_viewer manage load_database

In order to check the status of the database, you can run:

python3 -m pathme_viewer manage summarize

The content of the database can be erased by running:

python3 -m pathme_viewer manage drop


Once the desired pathway databases are loaded, you can deploy the web application by running:

python3 -m pip install pathme_viewer web

Note that the database runs by default in the following port: The Flask host and port can be modified by changing the default parameters (run: “python3 -m pathme_viewer web –help” for more info).